Book History

"All editing is an act of interpretation" (McGann 27).

"Every literary work that descends to us operates through the deployment of a double helix of perceptual codes: the linguistic codes, on the one hand, and the bibliographical codes on the other" (McGann 77).

"If the fine detail of typography and layout, the material signs which constitute a text, do signify in the ways I have tried to suggest, it must follow that any history of the book-subject as books are to typographic and material change-must be a history of misreadings" (McKenzie 25).

"…we msut reinscribe the emergence of the printing press in the long-term history of the forms of the book or the supports of texts (from the volumen to the codex, from teh book to the screen) and in the history of reading practices. Here, cultural history might find a new niche at the crossroads of textual criticism, the history of the book, and cultural sociology" (Chartier 175).

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